Alan Riordan

Alan Riordan is an Irish actor based in Dublin and Cork. He is from Cork City on the Southern Coast of Ireland.

Alan first appeared in ‘Information for Foreigners’ in the Granary theatre, 2003, before joining Corcadorca’s production ‘Losing Steam’ as an ex-Dunlop’s worker. He then studied drama at Kinsale College under Belinda and Ian Wild, playing Quince and Mustardseed in their production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Subsequently played Estragon in ‘Waiting for Godot’ in Skibbereen and then a prison warder in the ‘Haunted History Tour’ of Cork City Gaol last year. Last Halloween he appeared as William Stranford, a Spirit Guide in Luvius Theatre’s ‘Victims of Jack the Ripper’, in the Firkin Crane.

Moving onto TV and Film work, he was Counsellor Graham Cox in Fair City and a British Soldier in TG4’s Ealu. In the award winning short film Cold, he played Sargeant Harte. He appeared again as a Garda in the Young Offenders TV show and plays an axe wielding creature in Beyond The Woods (released 2018 on DVD). Nominated for Best Thriller in the National Film Awards UK 2019.

Favourite quote at the moment: My advice is don’t take advice from anyone. You know what you are worth – Eddie  Murphy.

 He is currently on the lookout for his next role...

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