Alan Riordan



Playing Age: 35-40      Height: 6’1”     Hair: Blond     Eyes: Blue    Build: Slim

Mobile: 086 3086794      email:   twitter: @aljriordan

Web:   IMDB Profile:



            Acting for Screen                              Irish Film Actors Workshop            Shane Munro

            Full-time Theatre Performance           Kinsale College                         Belinda / Ian Wild

            Drama / Improvisation                       Triskel Arts Centre                         Judy Chalmers

            Casting and Audition                         Gaeity School of Acting                 Thyrza Ging

            Casting and Audition                          Actors Vision                                 Karen Scully

            Casting and Audition                          Actors Vision                                 Louise Kiely


                PRODUCTION                ROLE                  COMPANY

             Beyond the Woods                   Creature                           Ego Productions

             Cold                                          Sargeant Harte                CABAL Productions

Paradox Music Video                Security Guard     

Fair City                                    Graham Cox                   RTE

Credit Crunch                            Richard                          Breaking Tide

Ealu 3                                       British Soldier                 Magamedia

Cult of the Moustache               Steve                             Brian Finucane

Easily Lost                                Jeremy Windthistle         AClique Productions

Men’s Dream                             Eugene                          St John’s College


       PRODUCTION                     ROLE                   COMPANY

        Picture of Dorian Gray                Erskine/Hubbard/Campbell        Cal Duggan (Kinsale Ramparts)

        Mrs Bob Cratchit’s Xmas                   Bob Cratchit                        Flying Pigs

                   Lipstick                                  Simmons/Emilio                   Roundhouse Theatre

          Waiting for Godot                           Estrogen                              Abbeystrewey Theatre

           Victims of Jack The Ripper          Richard Stranford                  Luvius Theatre

          Haunted History Gaol Tour           Warden/Electrician                RSVP

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